You have my permission

Today is (gulp) December 13th. I can't remember a time when my house wasn't fully decorated by this date. My daughter, Candice, came over on Sunday and helped decorate the tree. The nativity's in place, the stockings are hung there's a fresh wreath on the door from a dear friend in Saint Ignace, Michigan, but that's about it.

As part of my coach training course, I'm learning to ask questions that help me let go of unreasonable expectations of myself, ornaments I probably won't use, and even traditions that aren't going to make or break our holiday celebration. 

  • What is most meaningful to me and my loved ones as we celebrate Christmas?
  • Who will notice if that third layer of ornaments doesn't make it to the tree this year?
  • Would a "the twins have arrived" card in April be a wiser choice for my time and resources than sending out Christmas cards right now?   

Not doing it all isn't failure, it's a choice. I'm giving myself permission to let go of the less important and focus on my top priorities. I know you don't need my permission to do the same, but sometimes we need to hear that "it's OK!" 

If Christmas has snuck up on you in these three weeks between Thanksgiving and December 25th, take a few minutes to prioritize and give yourself permission to not do it all. And, consider a few ways to simplify with the following Timely Tips.

Tip #1 - Consider purchasing one type of gift wrap and one or two colors of ribbon. It will save you time figuring out what to wrap each gift in and will create let clutter for storage. 

BJ's Pumpkin Bread.jpg

Tip #2 - Rather than trying to think of unique gifts for everyone, simplify with a theme - everyone gets movie tickets, or a scarf... if you live on our block you know you're getting pumpkin bread and Crispix cookies-- every year! Hey, if it works, stick with it. It's one less decision to make at the holidays. 

Tip #3 - Give the valuable gift of a peaceful and productive environment with an Organized By Choice gift certificate!

I hope you have been encouraged and challenged by the tools and tips shared in these blogs. Please feel free to email or call if you ever have any questions I can answer for you. Christmas blessings to you and yours!


 "Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!" The Apostle Paul