Olympic Quality


What does it take to create Olympic quality? In his article, "Belief, Talent, and Pain," psychologist, Paul Dent, suggests that much of it is mental. The ability to fearlessly face the pain of relentless training and potential failure is essential. He says successful athletes believe they will eventually succeed. To do this they must set goals. Not only having the ultimate goal of Olympic victory, but spelling out the smaller goals required to get there.  He notes the importance of expecting the unexpected and letting go of the uncontrollable. "Once you've achieved something," says Dent, "it's all about being able to do it again. And again. And again."

Sounds like the perfect prescription for successful organizing too!  As you watch our amazing athletes perform in the London 2012 Olympics, may their commitment inspire you to pursue and realize your own goals. Today's Timely Tips will help you achieve Olympic quality organizing.

TIMELY TIPS - Olympic Quality Organizing

  1. Fear not- Accept the truth of "no pain, no gain." Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Is it going to be hard to break old habits, like leaving jobs half-done? Will you sometimes fail? YES! But, don't allow the fear of those circumstances to stop you. Embrace pain and failure as part of the process of achieving the desired outcome.
  2. Believe- Julie Morgenstern, a leading expert in the Organizing Industry, says, "I was once a notoriously disorganized person myself... I happily discovered that organizing is a very straightforward skill, learnable even by the likes of someone as once hopelessly disorganized as me." I believe no person or situation is hopeless. To take the first step you must believe that too.
  3. Plan- Visualize your ultimate goal for being organized-whether it's creating order in your home, office, or calendar and then write down the specific goals you'll need to achieve that vision.
  4. Realize and Release- Don't be thrown off course by the unexpected. Realize there will be distractions and setbacks. Release the situations you can't control and keep focused on the areas you can change.
  5. Get Support- Great coaches are key to the success of great athletes. Likewise, you need someone that believes in your goals and is able and willing to help you achieve them.
  6. Do it again- Just like successful athletes require a specific lifestye, sustained organizing is a way of life that requires consistency and perseverance. What will you begin doing today and continue doing again, and again, that will help produce a peaceful and productive environment in your home or office?


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