The OBC Diet Plan

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The other night I returned from a family dinner with some left-over veggies from the veggie/dip plate I brought. I tossed them into a clear bowl with some plastic wrap and put them in the fridge. Not only did they look pretty sitting there all red, orange, green, yellow, and whatever color peeled cucumbers are, but the next time I went for a snack, I actually grabbed some and ate them!

   I would venture to say that many of you, like me, consider part of the definition of a snack something that you don't have to prepare when you want to eat it. When I opened the fridge and the veggies were there, all washed and chopped, they suddenly became a viable snack!  

   Check out this issues Timely Tips and discover how organizing your food can lead to a healthier you!  

TIMELY TIPS - The OBC Diet Plan 

1.  Make healthier foods more accessible. Prepare some fruits and vegetables in snack-size pieces and place them in a clear container, front and center in the fridge. This can be done by cutting extra when preparing a salad, or taking time to do so when putting the groceries away.  

2.  Place some of your cut-up fruits and veggies in snack-size Ziplocks to take with you for break-time at work. 

3.  Place less nutritious foods and drinks in the back of the fridge-- out of sight and less accessible.  

4.  Organize the rest of your fridge using the drawers and sections for their intended purpose (veggie drawer, meat/cheese drawer, etc.)-- creating a home for everything. When it's easier to find what you're looking for, cooking at home will be more pleasurable. Thus, less fast food. 

5.  Assign a specific spot in the fridge for left-overs (another good alternative to fast food). This will keep them from being forgotten and wasted. Store them in clear glass containers (pictured above) so you can see what's inside and put them straight into the microwave.  

6.  Organize the freezer placing like things together and healthier food choices in front. By keeping frequently purchased items in the same spot, you can easily check stock and know what you need to add to your grocery list.


If your goals aren't clear and your thinking isn't focused, you can't break the habits that stand in your way.   --Peter Walsh