Seize the Opportunity

Pineapple Pics 007.jpg

"Make the most of every opportunity..."(Ephesians 5:16) is my theme for 2010. A couple weeks ago I blew it. Not in a life-changing way, but still an opportunity lost, or so I thought. When I approached the pineapple at Costco there was a man carefully choosing one. He looked like he knew what he was doing and had perhaps even grown up on the Islands. I love pineapple, but don't know the first thing about choosing the right one. I grabbed one and went on with my shopping, kicking myself for not being bold enough to ask his advice. The other day I was back at Costco thinking of my lost opportunity as I approached the fruit. Guess who was there-- yep, the pineapple man! I wasn't going to miss the same opportunity twice. He was very kind and took the time to help me find two perfect pineapples!  Making the most of every opportunity sometimes means tapping into someone else's expertise to improve our own quality of life. Perhaps you've considered getting organizing help, but haven't followed through on that thought. Today's "Timely Tips" will help clarify if now is the right time, and the coupon below is the opportunity you don't want to miss!


You know it's time to ask for organizing help if...

  1. Panic and embarrassment result in a cleaning frenzy whenever unexpected company arrives
  2. You spend valuable time searching for your keys, wallet, purse, etc.
  3. Cardboard boxes and piles of stuff keep your car parked outside the garage
  4. You spend money replacing things you know you have, but can't find
  5. Your mail and other papers pile up until bagged and stuck in a closet when company comes
  6. Your dining table is a dumping ground instead of a family meal center
  7. Years of files are bursting out of your file drawers and there's no place for current papers
  8. You're feeling guilty for not setting a good example of organization for your children
  9. Walking into your bedroom, office, kitchen, or living room creates a feeling of stress
  10. You're too embarrassed to ask for help