Sharp Turn Ahead

RaceRoom Fresno at River Park

RaceRoom Fresno at River Park

The other night my husband, Scott, took me to the   RaceRoom Fresno at River Park. After a quick review of the basics-- pedals, steering wheel, etc., the checkered flag dropped and I was off! 

I actually did fairly well, speeding along at 130 MPH-- until I had to TURN! Had it not been for the "virtual" aspect of this activity, I would have ended up in Emergency. It was fun though and I highly recommend it! Maybe someday I'll get to try out my lead foot on the Autobahn.

Do the curves in life tend to create a mess in your world? I often hear clients say, "I was organized before..." I believe that's true. It's not too difficult to keep order when life is cruising along. But, when you experience a sharp turn in the road like an illness, divorce, death in the family, or even something joyful like marriage, having kids, or getting a promotion at work, disorder can easily ensue. 

In his book, Margin, Dr. Richard Swenson suggests the healthiest life comes equipped with four gears. Today's Timely Tips include those gears and my advice for maintaining your balance while navigating the curves in life.


TIMELY TIPS - Gear for Success 

1st Gear - Park 

To be equipped for the sharp turns, we must stop and rest. Swenson suggests taking time for things such as contemplating values, studying, praying, reading. This doesn't happen naturally in our busy lives. I carve out time first thing in the morning to set the focus for my day. 

2nd Gear - Low

This gear is for relationships. When we are designating uninterrupted time for the people we care about, we are creating a support base for the curves in life. Schedule a date-night with your spouse, or with one of your kids. Join a Meetup group with those who share your interests. My small group from church infuses encouragement and laughter into my life each week. I know they'll be there when I experience bumps in the road.

3rd Gear - Drive

We pick up the pace for work and play. This gear uses more energy and gives us a sense of accomplishment when used correctly. Establishing healthy routines for work and play is like having a high level suspension on your car. They ground you and you're less likely to go off the road as you maneuver the curves in life.

4th Gear - Overdrive 

This is what kicks in when you're up against a deadline or have way more to do than you have time for. Our society tends to celebrate the "driven" life, but as Swenson says, "Our cars are not meant to race at high speeds continuously. Neither are our bodies or spirits." Recognize the value and "success" of a balanced life. Saying no to some of the things that keep you in continual overdrive enables you to enjoy the ride!



"The goal of much that is written about life management is to enable us to do more in less time, but is this necessarily a desirable goal? Perhaps we need to get less done, but the right things."

-Jean Fleming