Two for One!


Everyone’s pitching their strategy for how to have a successful New Year’s resolution. This week I heard both “weigh yourself everyday” and “throw out the scale if you want to lose weight.” So who’s right? I’m leaning toward the daily weigh-in for the simple reason that you’re not going to weigh yourself one day and find you’ve gained 15 pounds the next day! Routine checks help prevent the overwhelm.

Just like weight loss has various elements that combine to bring success, so does organizing. In fact, I found several weight loss tips (some from that have similar organizing applications! So, today you get two for one! Here they are.


1. Make mindful purchases when hungry. Just like empty calories have negative consequences, so can mindless trips to the dollar store, or impulse buying while standing in line at the register. Make wise purchases, giving thought to how and when things will be used and where they’ll be stored.

2. Everything in moderation. Don’t believe the old adage “you can’t have too much of a good thing.” Whether it’s food or magazines or shoes, having a moderate amount creates a healthier body and environment.

3. Fill a pretty glass pitcher with water and sliced cucumbers. Just because something’s good for you doesn’t mean it has to be humdrum. Filing is good for you and you can make it a little more fun with decorative folders, or a cute file holder or cabinet. Put on some music you love while accomplishing your filing task.


4. Take a before photo. Need some motivation to keep on task with your goal? Take a before photo of the space you’re organizing and post it in the room or on the door.

5. Cut out the drinks with calories. Know your weaknesses and what gets you in trouble. Maybe it’s, Target, or Joann’s Fabric and Craft. Avoid your nemesis when possible or shop for only what’s on a pre-determined list.

6. Brush and floss right after dinner. That action will influence what you put into your mouth the rest of the evening. When you make your bed first thing in the morning it sets a tidy tone for the rest of the day.

7. Lose one pound twenty times. Reduce the overwhelm of your goal by setting and celebrating small goals. First organize the floor of your closet. Celebrate. Next, tackle the hanging clothes and then the shelves. Each victory will motivate you to the next step. You don’t have to do it all in one day.

8. Wear something tight. It’s not comfortable until we’ve reduced to what will fit. Set some boundaries for your stuff (mugs, office supplies, DVDs, purses, whatever) and then reduce what you have until it fits comfortably in that space.


9. Weigh in daily. Like I said, no one gains 15 pounds in a day. Routine checking in on our weight and rooms can be the key to not becoming paralyzed by an overwhelming task. Do a quick walk-through your home before going to bed and put away items that were left out.

10. Plan to fail. I’ve only seen The Biggest Loser a few times, but the contestants I’ve seen always experience a setback at some point. Planning to fail isn’t being pessimistic, it’s a way to prepare so you’re not caught off-guard when it happens. Whether you fall off the wagon with your diet and exercise, or your organizing goals, by deciding ahead of time what you’re going to do when that happens, you’ll be one step closer to getting back on.

Wise Words                                                                                                                                     

"As for clutter so for food: If you focus exclusively on the obvious (the stuff in your home, or the stuff on your plate), you will never succeed in achieving any long-term success. The only way to stay on-track is, oddly enough, to take a step back and ask yourself, What is it I want from life?"    -Peter Walsh (Author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat)