What's Stopping Us?

I’ve never been a huge fan of running. Doing something until I feel sick just isn’t appealing to me. None-the-less, I’ve done my share of running. In Junior High I competed in track. In High School, I was up at the crack of dawn running laps on the PG&E park next to our house. Why? Well, in Junior High I “ran” with an athletic crowd and so that’s just what we did. In High School, I did it for love. My boyfriend lived across the street and if I timed it right, we could see each other for a few minutes after my run and before he left in the morning. (For the rest of the story, read to the end)
My motivation was obviously more about relationships than a healthy body. At this point in life (beyond midway), working on a healthy body is… well, work! I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way. Getting healthy, along with getting organized, are the two top New Year’s resolutions ("2017 New Year’s Resolutions: The Most Popular and How to Stick to Them,” by Nicole Spector, NBCNews.com). Most of us must resolve to do those things because they don’t just happen. But, why is it that even when we resolve to do them, they still don't happen? What’s stopping us? If you've not yet set a goal for 2017, or if you've you've already given up yours, please consider the following Timely Tips and become unstoppable!

TIMELY TIPS - to make your goal unstoppable

Consider the "why" behind your resolution. Why do you want to get healthy, get organized, spend less/save more? Ask yourself - "What can I do more of, or less of when I reach my goal?" Viewing the action as a means to the end, rather than the end itself is much more motivating. Name the benefits as the end goal. 

Tiny steps. In their book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, Chip and Dan Heath talk about increasing success by “shrinking the change.” Rather than, “I’m going to start spending two hours at the gym every day” try, “I’m going to walk for 10 minutes during my lunch hour” or, “whenever I park my car, I’m going to park on the far side of the lot.” It may seem minuscule in relation to the overall goal, but start with something manageable, and do it! That's much more beneficial than giving up because of unrealistic expectations.

A day? A week? When working with clients who are chronically disorganized, I don’t expect them to create a spotless house overnight and every night. But if they're serious about getting organized, it's a lifestyle commitment and consistency is key. I love how Joanna Weaver defines consistency. “Consistency doesn’t mean perfection; it simply means not giving up.” None of us transforms overnight. Put your goal in the perspective of a lifestyle change and don't give up. I, for one, am glad I didn’t give up because you know that boyfriend I was running for? He became my husband!

wise words

Everything is hard before it is easy. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  


May the actions you take in this new year result in lifestyle changes and bountiful benefits!
And yes, that's me and my sweetie back in the day doing a selfie with the cows.