I'm not organized... yet!


 I don't play the bass guitar... yet! A couple weeks ago that sentence would have read, "I don't play the bass guitar." It wasn't that I didn't want to, it's been my dream since Jr. High, but I needed a series of events to make that change.  

  So, what do you not do... yet? It may be speaking a different language, yoga, scrapbooking, golf, etc. Or maybe, since you're reading this newsletter, it has to do with organizing! Lucky for you I just happen to have some Timely Tips from my guitar experience that can help you achieve your organizing, and other goals!

TIMELY TIPS - I'm not organized... yet! 

1. Know what your goal is. I didn't want to play just any stringed instrument. I wanted to play the bass. Identify aspecific area of your home or office that you want organized.

2. Acquire support. I found a bass at a flea market in my neighborhood, but never would have made the purchase without my husband and a friend, who knows guitars, saying, "Go for it!" Find a friend, family member, or colleague who thinks your organizing goal is a great idea and will cheer you on. 

3. Make yourself accountable. Posting my purchase on Facebook made me feel more accountable to do something with it. Write down your next action step, give yourself a deadline, and ask someone to check up on your progress. At one of my speaking events a woman shared that she and a friend text "before" pictures to each other of an area they're going to organize. After a specified amount of time, they text each other the "after" shot. Great accountability!    

4. Jam with friends. My friend Julie, who in recent years took up the drums, said, "Let's jam," and gave me a song to work on. Another friend Frayda, of the musically gifted Bluestein family, chimed in and said she'd join us on the electric guitar. The thought of "jamming" with my friends was a great jump start for me. Consider making your organizing project a family affair, or find a friend to help. My sister and I give each other a Lunch 'n Labor gift each birthday. The birthday girl gets to pick a project that she would rather not do alone. We work on it together and treat ourselves to lunch.  

5. Obtain the proper tools. An electric bass without an amplifier is not much good. Fortunately I already had one, but I'll need to purchase a case. Having the right organizing products can help tremendously. But before running out to purchase them, take stock of what you have or what might become available as you de-clutter. 

6. Seek good instruction. I bought the Hal Leonard Bass book and DVD, but I think it's going to take the commitment of lessons with a professional to keep me on task. I see many clients with a plethora of organizing books. If it works for you to read and apply-- great! Another option is to sign up for my organizing class or schedule a session and let me help you get moving toward your goal.    


"When you're at the beginning, don't obsess about the middle, because the middle is going to look different when you get there. Just look for a strong beginning and a strong ending and get moving."

-Chip & Dan Heath