Second Chance


"Can you believe someone would throw that away?!?" said our neighbor as he showed my husband and me some broken down bike parts. "Yes," I thought to myself, "I can!" 

  Then he showed us a finished product of his handy work--polished wheels and gears, connected to a freshly painted bike frame. He creates these "new" bikes for kids in need. What a great use of his skills and other people's junk. 

But, without the previous owners combing through their belongings and purging the broken down or unused bikes, he wouldn't have what he needs to recreate these gifts of love. 

Is getting rid of your excess, unused, or broken stuff difficult for you? Consider the options in Timely Tips and see the value of giving your stuff a second chance in someone else's hands. 

TIMELY TIPS - Second Chance Resources for Reusing and Recycling 

1.  Marjaree Mason Center 1600 "M" Street Fresno, CA; 559.237.4706. Donate your used cell phones. Help provide emergency phone service for victims of domestic violence. 

2.  Local Thrift Stores -multiple locations. Donate gently used clothing, household items, and furniture. There's a thrift store in Fresno area to match whatever cause you're passionate about-- from the SPCA to Hinds Hospice. Be assured your donation is supporting something you believe in as well as providing good quality items to those who can't afford to buy them new. One thing I like about the Sonshine Thrift Store (in the World Impact Center - 1955 Broadway Fresno, CA; 559.264.1243) is that they also provide job interview outfits and household goods at no charge to those who qualify.  

3.  Extreme Green Recycling 2491 W Alluvial Clovis, CA; 559.475.3932. Goodwill - multiple locations. Recycle your electronics (computers, laptops, printers, stereos, etc.). 

4.  City of Fresno Recycling or call 559.621.1111; City of Clovis or call 559.324.2600. Check these for information about residential recycling and what are acceptable blue bin materials. 

5.  Fresno Recycling Kids Pages

6.  CFL & Battery Recycling drop off locations

7.  Composting Basics - a second chance for yard trimmings, food wastes, etc.

8.  Habitat for Humanity Restore 1631 Railroad Ave Clovis, CA; 559.237.7867. Remodeling? Donate your cabinets, plumbing materials, windows, etc. Proceeds help fund affordable housing for low income families.

9.  Best Buy - multiple locations. Recycle CDs, DVDs, chargers and more. 

10. Office Max - multiple locations. Recycle ink and toner.


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