Seeing Double

What grandma would miss an opportunity to share a photo of her new twin granddaughters?!? Abigail Hope and Jacqueline Rene were born March 14th, 2014. They are as precious as can be. Congrats to our daughter Candice and her husband Micah!

Photograph by Casie Ramirez

Photograph by Casie Ramirez

To further validate this blog's "new babies" theme, today's Timely Tips offer ideas on organizing your nursery and children's rooms. 

TIMELY TIPS - for an organized nursery or children's room

 Step 1 - Start with the closet -- if it's just a single shelf with a clothes hanging rod, it's not maximizing your space. For just a little over $100, you can purchase a ClosetMaid Adjustable Shelf Track Closet Organizer, like we did for our granddaughters' closet. Or, you can use a bookcase on one side of the closet for shelving, and hang a Double Hang Closet Rod to maximize the vertical space on the other side. This also makes the lower hanging clothes accessible to children.  Use Baby Clothes Size Organizers for the first year or two when babies are going through sizes quickly. Categorize the remaining contents of the closet such as blankets, grown out of clothes, etc. Place those items on the shelves in labeled  fabric bins.

 Step 2 - Assign folded clothes -sleepers, onesies, shorts, pants, long-sleeve and short-sleeve specific places in the dresser drawers. Use drawer dividers to keep it orderly. I labeled the top edge of drawers so anyone helping could easily identify where specific items belong.

Step 3 - Create homes for toys using tubs or bins on shelves. Use your storage area as a boundary for how many toys are available at one time. You can rotate additional toys as desired, but having a limit means less stress when it's time to clean up! 

Jacqueline and Abigail's Nursery

Jacqueline and Abigail's Nursery

My new grandbabies are enjoying their new home. A big THANK YOU to my clients who are patiently awaiting my return from round-the-clock grandma duty!

Wise Words

"There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins."   -Josh Billings