"It will change your life!"

I was listening to Pandora when a Netflix ad came on. After touting its features and price the voice said confidently, "It's going to change your life!" That's a bold statement, I thought. Then it hit me... it had! Netflix had changed my life! Not the whole thing, of course, but my distaste for commercials and major network programming (we don't have cable), meant that prior to Netflix I didn't watch that much TV. Now, my husband and I often sit down in the evening and watch "our shows." And like last night, because of the on-demand feature, when the story-line left us hanging we opted to watch just one more, putting us an hour later than we should be for a good night's rest. I'm not anti-Netflix now, but I'm more aware of how things can influence my life in subtle ways.

Time Management

My focus for 2014 is to live with purpose-- to be intentional about life and not just let it happen to me. It's not about control, rather about choice. The overwhelming number of things we can't control can often leave us feeling like we've also lost our ability to choose. Maybe you started the year with some lofty goals and life has gotten in the way, or maybe your attitude has been, why try? Now is always a good time to choose some life-changing strategies... other than Netflix. Check out Timely Tips that will "change your life!"


TIMELY TIPS - to change your life 

Step 1 - When we built our house, the foundation was the first step. Without a strong foundation it wouldn't be standing 34 years later. Your mission statement is the foundation for building a life of purpose. What are you here for? What impact do you want to have? What do you want to be remembered for? Take some time to think about this and then write out a few sentences stating your purpose. 

Step 2 - We've all heard, "No one gets to the end of life and regrets not spending more time at the office." Maybe your calendar doesn't really reflect what matters most to you. Maybe you just haven't stopped to think about what those things, or who those people are. Keeping in mind your mission statement - write down your top three priorities?

Step 3 - Dictionary.com defines a goal as "the result or achievement toward which effort is directed." You got it, the next step is to identify specific goals. What types of results are you looking for? These might include financial, spiritual, physical, relational, career, educational, or recreational goals. Don't include goals you have no intention of directing effort toward. Do maintain balance and don't attempt them all at once! 

Step 4 - A football team doesn't enter the field with only high hopes and good intentions of scoring a goal. They prepare with strategy and game plays. Elizabeth Hagen, author of 9 Fears That Keep Your Business Stuck, suggests identifying Highly Value Activities (HVAs) to help accomplish your goals. One of your HVAs for a relational goal might be to schedule lunch with friends once/month, or date night with your spouse. An HVA for an educational goal might be to sign up for a class, or take an entrance exam. Choose one of your goals and list three HVAs that will help you achieve that goal. 

Step 5 - Put them on your calendar! Without scheduling HVAs, they're unlikely to get done. So the next step is to put them on your calendar just like you would a dentist or hair appointment. Be intentional about your follow-through and protect your priorities. Schedule notification reminders on your phone. Ask a friend to be your accountability partner or consider scheduling a series of coaching calls with Organized By Choice!


Coaching Testimonial

"Just finished my last coaching call with Brenda at Organized By Choice. Her accountability structure and coaching helped me accomplish a significant goal that was weighing me down for years. I'm grateful."     -Forest B.


Wise Words

"Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established."   -King Solomon