A Slow Leak


    One day when I knelt to get a gift bag from a container under my bed, my knees got wet. Uh oh, I thought. Sure enough, there was a slow leak in a pipe under the concrete.

   If we dried the carpet,  replaced the pad, but didn't fix the pipe, we would have eventually been in the same soggy situation.

   Similarly it's often a slow leak of things seeping into your bedroom that causes clutter-- your bag of "treasures" from a conference or home show, gifts for an upcoming birthday. It may be clothes and shoes that seep out of your closet onto the floor, bed, or chair; books and magazines piled and waiting to be read; a half-finished sewing project... you get the picture. 

  It takes a combination of cleaning up the mess and stopping the slow leak to create a peaceful bedroom that promotes a good night's sleep.

   When you walk into your bedroom what message do you receive? Is it one that invites rest and peace, or is it one that leaves you feeling stressed and burdened with stuff to do?

   Timely Tips has some practical ideas on how to clean the mess and stop the slow leak.

TIMELY TIPS - for a peaceful bedroom

1. Gather supplies - Laundry basket (for dirty clothes); trash/recycle bag; bag/box for donate; bag/box for relocate. Make sure you have your containers clearly marked. Have a dusting cloth and vacuum handy for cleaning after de-cluttering.  

2. Clear and cover the bed  - Use a sheet and temporarily place items on the bed that belong in the bedroom but don't have a home yet.
3. Clear the floor and furniture - If you pick up something to wear (clothes, shoes, belts, hats, scarves, jewelry, etc.), make sure it passes the "love it," "feel good wearing it," and "I don't have too many of these" test, otherwise it goes to donate. If it stays, put it away. 

4. Use your relocate box - Place papers, dishes, kids' stuff, projects, and other items that don't serve a purpose in your bedroom into your relocate box.  

5. Create Homes - For items that belong in the bedroom, but are homeless, be intentional about creating specific places for them in the closet, bathroom cabinet, nightstand, or dresser.

6. Toss/Donate/Relocate - Toss the trash, put the donate in your car, and relocate the items belonging elsewhere.  

7. Clean - Give the room a good cleaning. 

8. Stop the slow leak:                                                                                                                           

  • Start the day by making your bed (it will help set the tone for a clutter-free room)                      
  • Be mindful about what you carry into your room                                                                          
  • Don't put things down, put them away
  • Change clothes in your closet so that you can hang things up or put them in the dirty clothes right away
  • Place clean loads of laundry on your bed and commit to putting them away before bedtime
  • End each day with a quick clean-up - relocate items that don't belong and put things away        an upcoming birthday or shower, the pile that got moved from the kitchen counter when company was coming, a half-finished sewing project, clothes that need to be ironed.

Wise Words

"Bedmakers are 19 percent more likely to report getting a good night's sleep than people who leave their blankets messy in the morning."  --National Sleep Foundation